Moving is Expensive: Here are 5 Tricks to Cut Costs

YMMEverybody knows that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Changing environments, a new office, and the process of packing could make any one go crazy; and that’s without looking at the financial impact of a big move. Use the following tips to reduce the fiscal burden of your next move.


This is the first and most obvious way to move without overspending. Find a quality truck rental company and move all of your belongings yourself. If you are staying in town then use pizza and beverages to inspire your friends to help you move. The cost of a nice lunch for your friends will be significantly less then hiring a mover. Make sure to choose a group of friends that you trust though. A careless friend could break something important or expensive without the means to reimburse you. You should also be aware of your liability if anyone is hurt on your property helping you move your stuff. This is the cheapest option; but tread carefully. If the move is sloppy and your walls get dinged up with dollies and boxes, you will need to hire a One Day Painter to get the house back in shape for it’s next inhabitants.

Go local

Some times doing it yourself with a move is just not possible. Some objects are hard to move like pianos and pool tables and require professional help. The best thing to do in this circumstance is go local. Hire a Professional Mover to help execute the move without damaging your belongings or property. Cut costs by buying the boxes and having everything ready to load when the movers arrive!

Use clothes & blankets as bubble wrap

Rather then spending money on packing peanuts or bubble wrap, get creative. Sweatshirts, blankets and the rest of your clothes can be used to pack breakable objects. This saves you money on the number of boxes you will have to purchase as well thanks to the fact you are packing your clothes while utilizing them to safe guard things like plates and glasses.

Use your luggage to reduce overhead

Delving even deeper into ways to save money on boxes; make sure you utilize every suitcase, back pack and duffel bag at your disposal. This is a great way to not only cut down on moving costs but also to reduce the impact of your move on the environment. The fewer boxes you have to use, the better the move will be in both of these aspects. When it comes to moving, saving money and saving the earth go hand in hand.

Sell or donate what you don’t need

Yet another great way to cut expenses while moving is to make sure you truly bring only what needs to come. Go through your house prior to moving and decide what things can be left behind. As a rule of thumb, if you forgot you had it the object can go. Start by gathering all of these items up for a moving sale and advertising it with signs, online listings and your social media account. Execute the sale and look at what is left over. If the items left are still in pretty good shape then donate them at the nearest Goodwill. If all you have left is junk then call a junk removal service to keep as much of it diverted from the landfill as possible. The money from your moving sale will more then cover this expense!