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Owning rental property can be a steady source of passive income. However, the joys of property ownership also comes with a great deal of responsibility and the potential for an even greater headache when tenants are involved. Working with a property management company can help those who own commercial, singe family residential, multi-family, or retail space reap the benefits of leasing their property to tenants with minimal headache. The following points are reasons virtually any property owner who wishes to become a landlord should consider using a property management company.

Shorter Vacancy Periods

People who purchase rental property often do not realize the amount of concentrated effort that is required for success. First, the landlord must prepare the property to make it attractive to prospective tenants and maximize the amount of rent they can realistically ask. The landlord must also determine the best rent rate. Ideally, the rent should not be so high that the property will sit on the market until a tenant who is willing to pay the requested amount comes along. The price should also not be so low that the landlord loses money on the investment. Property management companies are able to make cosmetic recommendations to improve the appeal and value of a property. They also typically handle pricing, marketing the property, and showing it to prospective tenants.

Better Tenants

A reputable property management company will offer property advertising service and an effective tenant screening process. By screening tenants thoroughly upfront, landlords are more likely to rent their property to people who will pay on time, are less likely to destroy or cause excessive wear and tear on the property, and who will generally rent longer and be less prone to conflict. Companies like TDI Properties even offer a website interface that allows prospective tenants to view property listings at and apply online. Current tenants may even pay their rent online, which makes receiving payment fast and hassle-free.

First Line of Defense Against Legal Issues

Many landlords live far away or work full-time; therefore, they are unable to personally attend to the many legal issues that may arise. A reliable property management company will monitor safety and property conditions, inspections, convictions, evictions, and collect rent and deposits.

The reasons to hire a property management are numerous. However, when property owners must first evaluate a company’s track record and ensure the property manager will be able to provide all required services.