Moving Safety 101

Moving from one house to the next is one of the most exciting and stressful undertakings you will do in your lifetime. While there is obviously a lot to think about such as organization, timing and budget; one thing that is too commonly overlooked is safety. Safety is the most important aspect regarding moving, especially when heavy furniture and stairs are involved. If you choose not to hire a Massachusetts moving company use these tips to avoid adding stress or a hospital visit to your next move.

Clear Pathways

The fist step you should take to ensure no one is hurt during your move is to clear all walkways in and out of the house. When moving heavy furniture people often walk backwards and if they were to trip over anything it would be an absolute catastrophe. Remove all hazards from these walkways to ensure no furniture (or bones) get broken. It’s a good idea to call you’re a professional junk removal company prior to moving day to get as much junk out of the way as possible.

Pack Smart

While it may seem counter intuitive, the best way to pack is by putting larger, heavier items (such as books) in the smallest possible box. Instinct tells us to fit as much of these items as possible in one large box. The issue is that to many heavy items in one box could lead to muscle injuries for anyone helping you move. By placing lighter items in the biggest boxes and vice-versa you can keep all the boxes a similar, manageable, weight.

Be Prepared

This means have the right equipment for the task. A dolly is an invaluable asset during a move which is usually available to rent from the nearest home improvement store if you do not own one. A dolly takes a lot of the muscular stress off of your helpers, which will keep them safe! I also recommend having some old blankets, which you can lay down and use to help slide objects that are too large or awkward for the dolly. The blanket will help the object slide across the floor without damaging it, which is also nice.

Be a Manager

If you have all of your friends helping you move, it is a good idea to delegate tasks to those you feel most comfortable doing each task. Have the strongest movers carry the heaviest objects. If one of your friends gets hurt helping you it is your responsibility. This means that injuries can get very expensive for you and you have to do your best to help your friends stay safe. It is your move so take charge! Additionally, put all of your pets in crates or have a friend watch them while your moving. Animals never mean to be in the way, but always seem to be on moving day. Having animals out of the picture keeps them, the movers, and your furniture in one piece

Dress Appropriately

This is absolutely crucial on moving day. While your flip-flops may be your most comfortable pair of shoes, they offer zero protection in the case that something is dropped on your foot. Check your jeans to make sure the bottom seam is in tact and that your shoelaces are tied securely. Any one of these things could lead to an accidental injury that would just seem silly in retrospect.

Use Common Sense

As I’m sure you are already aware, common sense isn’t quite as common as it should be. Use your head. This means not trying to carry something that is far too heavy down three flights of stairs or trying to toss the couch down to your friends on the bottom level. Just remember “it’s better to be safe then sorry.” If you cause any damage to your walls on the way out just call these Boston Painters.