7 Things You Need to Do Before Your Outdoor Storage Shed Arrives


If you expect to just buy an outdoor storage shed without giving any thought to where it is sited and what you are going to store in it, you are going to have some potential problems down the road.

Finding sheds for sale in PA or where you happen to be is just part of the equation, you also need to do your homework and think about a number of things before you arrange delivery. Here is a list of the most important questions and points that you need to get right if you are going to get the best out of your outdoor storage shed.

Work out the space you need

You will need to try and work out the square footage that you need for your storage shed.

In order to work out the ideal square footage required, make a checklist of all the equipment and other items that you intend to use the floor space for. Make a rough drawing using the dimensions given by the supplier in their brochure details, so you can work out what will fit in and how much wall space you have for everything else that won’t go on the floor.

Taking the time to make this drawing will help avoid an expensive mistake when you choose a storage shed that won’t cope with everything you want it to because you underestimated the size you needed.

Find out about building permits

It is always advisable to check what the local planning laws allow you to do and how large a structure you can build on your property.

You might need a permit if the shed exceeds a certain dimension and building codes might also have a say in where you site the shed on your property, especially if you have neighbors to think about.

Choice of sheds

There are several options to consider when you are deciding on your choice of shed.

You might decide that you want a plastic shed, and if you don’t need a lot of extra storage space, you might be able to get a pre-formed plastic shed, which is simple to construct and pretty easy to build by yourself.

Another option is to buy a pre-fabricated shed that arrives in kit form for you to put together. You will need to check whether the kit includes flooring, doors and shingles and also take the time to read to the assembly instructions before you buy, so you have an idea of whether you can tackle the installation yourself.

Pre-made sheds are available in most home improvement stores and other outlets, but they do offer limited options in terms of size and other features that you might be looking for.

A custom-built shed is often the best way to go, as it gives you maximum flexibility and allows the opportunity to have a storage shed built to your exact requirements and do everything you want it to do.

Placing your shed

Having checked out any local planning restrictions and permits that you might need, you need to decide where you ideally want to place your shed in order to get the best out of it.

The shed needs to be built on level ground that has good drainage and is dry. It should also be in a location that allows you easy access to the contents but also gives you good options for security and is sited within sight of your house if possible.

Appearance of your shed

You should also definitely pat attention to the appearance of your new shed.

It is obviously going to be functional and serve a real purpose for you, but it also needs to be able to enhance the value of your home as well.

Think about the roofing for the shed and consider trying to match it in with color of the roofing for your house or plan to paint or finish the shed in a matching color to your property, so that it blends in well and adds value as well as purpose.

Prepare the ground

Having chosen the shed you want and worked out where it is going to go on your property, you need to prepare the ground ready for its arrival and construction.

Remove the grass directly from the area where the shed is being placed and pack the soil down.

Concrete blocks

Once you have done this, add some gravel to help with drainage and then lay any concrete blocks that are needed or required to sit the shed on.

You might also need to lay paving slabs down over the crushed stone base and make sure it is level when you are finished.

If you follow these steps and choose carefully, you should be able to get a storage shed that does everything you want it to and looks great on your property too.

Paul Zook is an insider to the shed industry in Lancaster, PA. For nearly three decades he and his family have been producing quality storage sheds, prefab car garages and outdoor buildings and shipping them throughout PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, CT and beyond.