How Preventive Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Major Appliance Repairs


According to statistics, about 80% of homeowners fail to follow regular appliance maintenance schedules. Not only will timely repairs keep your appliances running properly, but following a proper appliance preventative maintenance routine can actually improve the life of your investment. With so many novel features available in the market, it is easy for an appliance to get overwhelmed when all those features are used together. This is why a manual is provided with every appliance. It is there to ensure that preventative maintenance is followed by the owner and the need for appliance repair is minimized.

A regular maintenance program can go a long way in reducing your appliance repair costs. This does not mean that preventative maintenance will completely eliminate the need for repair, but it will ensure that such instances do not occur regularly. No matter the size of your appliance – big or small – every electrical appliance needs some maintenance. The service life of microwaves, blenders, toasters and such appliances is not more than 10 years, but because of lack of preventative maintenance, these appliances may not last more than a couple of years. Your dryers and washers which have a slightly longer life have an even greater need for preventative maintenance because when these appliances stop working, the costs would be bigger and harsher on your pocket.

For cooking stoves, ensure that any spills are cleaned immediately. You should never follow DIY tips and tricks for manufacturing your own cleaner, but instead consult a good appliance repair company. The burners should always have drip bowls under them and this $20 investment can make your life much easier. Similarly, on your routine appliance checkup, you should ask your repair company personnel to check if the fitting of your oven is snug and if any parts need replacement. The hood of the range needs to be de-greased regularly. Similar concerns go towards the well-being of your heating, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner and other appliances. They all have their own Achilles heel to look out for, which a good repair company can help you with.

Most importantly, though, the energy savings that you can get from a properly maintained appliance are unmatched. With fridges, about 40% energy can be saved simply byreplacing your old refrigerator with an energy efficient one. Thus, choose a repair company that has years of experience on all kinds of refrigerators and employs efficient, trained and qualified staff. Set up an appliance preventative maintenance schedule with this company so that your appliances can stay as good as new for a long time.

While choosing a good repair company, it is recommended that you go local. Local repair companies would know the climate and problems associated with it pretty intimately. Thus, your repair work would be better suited for your exact environment. Also choose a readily available company, such as Toronto Refrigeration (click over to, that offers emergency 24/7 services, same day repair and licensed and certified technicians. Ask the company to inform you about any appliance replacements, if necessary, when your old appliances stop working efficiently. Call them now and say hello to a better and more efficient life for your appliances.