Sell Your Home in 8 Simple Steps

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There’s no denying that selling your home is often a lengthy and complicated process. However there are some steps you can take to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Step One: Valuation

Do your research. Looking into local newspapers for similar houses in your area will give you a good idea what your home may be worth. You can also compare local home prices on a number of online sites.

Step Two: Estate Agent?

The vast majority of people selling their homes do so through an estate agent. Obviously, your house may sell much quicker using an agent, but you can avoid paying their substantial commission if you choose to sell the home yourself. It depends how well you understand the property market, how much paperwork you’re prepared to do and how much time you have on your hands.

Step Three: Tidy Up Shop

Regardless of the fact that your home is second hand, buyers will often expect it to look immaculate. If it isn’t, expect to be knocked down on price. Tidying up doesn’t mean you have to make large-scale renovations. But simple things such as cleaning, painting and redecorating go a long way.

Step Four: The Waiting Game

Much of selling your home is simply waiting for the offers to come in. If you have a good estate agent, they’ll give you their opinion on whether an offer reflects the value of your house within the current market context. Ultimately though, it’s your call.

Step Five: Accepting

When you receive a satisfactory offer, you can of course accept it “subject to survey and contract”. At this point, the estate agent will confirm the property sale.

Step Six: The Conveyancer

You’ll need to enlist a a conveyancer or solicitor, in order to perform all of the tasks necessary to make the sale of your home legal. There’s a fully comprehensive guide to what they do located here.

Step Seven: Buyer’s Surveyor

The buyer will send a surveyor round to their new home in order to clarify the state of the property and to check for any additional work that may need to be done.

Step Eight: Renegotiate and Finalise Sale

If the surveyor brings up any issues, the buyer may wish to renegotiate the offer price. If there is substantial work to be done, you may need to be prepared to accept a slightly smaller offer on the property. Once the sale price is agreed, you’ll exchange contracts and the house is officially sold.