Legal Assistance For Financial Problems


The housing market has been hit hard during the economic recession of the United States in recent years. Many people have lost their homes due to foreclosures. Furthermore, banks also suffered major losses by having to sell homes well below market prices just to receive some sort of compensation for unpaid mortgages. During touch economic times, people may also struggle to find the money for basic expenses that go beyond mortgages. Evictions and bankruptcies are some of the major issues involve with tough economic times for ordinary folks that have worked hard their entire lives. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide legal assistance to people facing various housing and financial issues during difficult times in the United States. Rosicki Rosicki is an example of a legal firm that specializes in various aspects of debt relief for American citizens.

Sometimes, banks and other financial institutions can be unfair when it comes to foreclosures. For example, some banks may call for evictions of homes on which mortgage payments have not been paid for several months. However, sometimes banks don’t always play by the rules as they treat people unfairly and illegally during the eviction process. United States laws protect people that are facing foreclosures. Such people can’t just be forced out of their homes with a notice of 30 days. If people fall short on their mortgage payments, they can consult with legal firms that can provide the right advice regarding moving out smoothly rather than getting forcefully evicted.

Defaulted mortgage payments should lead to foreclosures in a matter of months and allow homeowners adequate time to move out. Sometimes, homeowners may use some sort of equity in order to catch up on missed mortgage payments. Additionally, banks may also negotiate with burrowers about the exchange of personal property for missed mortgage payments. For example, people may be willing to give up their vehicles just to cover some of the mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Legal firms that represent homeowners can properly handle the deals that involve banks acquiring equity and other property in exchange for loan payments.

Bankruptcy can also be a difficult situation for individuals facing financial woes. Legal firms can provide the right advice to properly file for bankruptcy such as chapter 7, 11 or 13. After filing for bankruptcy, individuals can stop the harassment from collection agencies that may demand payments for unpaid loans and credit. Legal companies that represent clients can directly contact all collectors and prevent any future efforts of trying to recover unpaid payments. In fact, people that have successfully filed for bankruptcy may be able to file lawsuits against agencies that continue to attempt collecting payments on previous outstanding balances for loans and credit cards.

When people are having trouble paying off large loans, legal assistance is also available. For example, consultation firms can help people modify loans in order to lower monthly payments and to possibly extend the length of the loan. By law, lenders must be able to work with people that wish to modify the terms on a loan. Customers simply need to prove that they are having financial problems and cannot keep up with the large monthly payments for a current loan. Sometimes, loan modification requests may have to be settled in court if stubborn lenders fight the claims.