Women Are Still Being Discriminated Against In Manufacturing On Mortgage Marketing

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It is hard to believe that even in this day and age that there are workforces that are still discriminating against women. Of these jobs that are discriminating the most popular fall into the category of industrial and manufacturing positions. Even though these fields are growing everyday the amount of the positions that are currently being held by women actually went down over the past few years. This means that the companies are hiring more men than women.

What The Country Is Doing About It

There are many different groups as well as the President of the United States that are working on putting steps into place to help this situation. These steps will help to change the amount of companies who are hiring only men and put women to work as well.

Even once the women have been put into the work force there is a problem of them retaining their positions and even being promoted to better positions. There is a group based out of Cleveland, Ohio that works with women who have actually been given employment in this field. They hold a conference every year that provides support to women to help them in the areas of professional development, leadership as well as many other different areas that women may be struggling with.

Why Is There Discrimination Against Women

There have been studies completed to help answer the question of why there are more males than females being placed in manufacturing positions. In the U.S. Manufacturing field it has been shown that it is all about stereotypes. Many believe that a male will prove to do a better job than a woman. However it also works the other way as well. Women often believe that they will not succeed in a manufacturing position due to it being noisy and dirty. Also women are out looking for a challenge and many see that manufacturing work proves to be repetitive and low skilled.

One of the other more common reasons why women are discriminated against is the fact that the field is a male dominated field. When there are more males than females it can often lead to hurt feelings and feelings of hostility. This is a workplace situation that employers typically try to avoid.

Salary and the fact that machines are replacing many positions have also led to the decline of people hiring in the manufacturing positions. It is common knowledge that men have always made more money than men and we have come to accept that fact. However when the salary of a full time employee can be replaced by that of a machine or computer that does not require a paycheck many companies will go that route.


The field of manufacturing needs employees. It is up to the companies themselves to hire a man or a woman. Unfortunately because of the way the country has always been the company will probably lean towards hiring a man over a women. This can also be the case if the woman is more qualified than the man.