Why Are Many Small And New Developers Hitting The New York Real Estate Market


The city of New York attracts many different people and different types of company for a variety of reasons. One group of people that it is currently attracting is small-scale developers. These are usually young adults who have a degree in urban planning. With the degree that they have earned they wish to create a new type of real estate development. Of course when first starting out these developers will start with purchasing real estate that needs rehabilitation or a property in a not so good part of town. This will allow them to purchase inexpensive real estate and maybe even help to keep an older building from being demolished. Per the research much of this real estate purchasing is happening in the most populated city in New York. This city is Buffalo.

The City Of Buffalo

The vacancy rate in the city of Buffalo continues to grow on a daily basis. It currently has the highest vacancy rate in the United States when compared to cities of its own size. Unfortunately because of this high vacancy rate there are many houses, which have been left to the elements, and the Division of Real Estate has been forced to make the decision to demolish these homes. The sad part of this is that many of these homes that are being leveled are historic old homes. The good news is that because these homes are falling apart and are an eye sore it leaves the way for realtors to show them to these new and prospective real estate purchasers.

What Happens After The Real Estate Purchase

Once the small developers have purchased the homes or vacant lots they are free to develop on them per the plans they have in place. One of the plans that have been recently completed is turning many vacant lots into farmland and composting stations. Other developers are turning the properties into areas where people can live. Many of the homes are being developed into livable neighborhoods. Once they have been rehabilitated the owners will rent them to communities and allow for a nice place to live.

Another angle for small-scale developers is to offer and area for people who have a different culture but live in the area. An example of this type of living is a highly populated Puerto Rican area. These areas can be for people of this nationality to live as a community and not have to worry about not speaking the language or communicating well with others.


New York real estate has become a good area for small-scale developers to purchase homes and/or land to build or farm. There are plenty of areas to select from due to the low-income parts of New York such as Buffalo. It does not matter what is built on the land as long as the community sees it as an improvement and the area is built back up in the end.