Renewable Energy: Rethink the Way You Heat Your Home

Home Energy Efficiency Labels

The home should ideally be a centre of relaxation. While keeping warm is an absolute essential for this, there are also some very modern concerns. The need to be ecologically sound in all areas of the home is becoming more and more of an issue for all residents. Once seen as the sole preserves of big companies and global powers, it is now perfectly possible to take charge of your own personal surrounding and the world at large in the greenest of ways. Now companies such as Dimplex can install home heating and cooling systems that run predominately on renewable energy. Here are some of the best methods to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Heat your home with solar power sources

Using the sun’s rays to power thermal units can be a terrifically beneficial source of heating and insulation. The premium assembly of solar panels can create a valuable source of energy. To be environmentally sound and economically viable are the two main goals of the forward thinking home resident. Solar heating sources are well able to achieve this. Indeed, after the initial outlay on the panels, a home can experience enough energy that it can be stored as backup. Solar power sources offer the ability to save expenditure on energy bills while making an important stand for the environment. With the option to produce centralised heating and perfect control of a home’s hot water supply, this could well be the best option for you.

The power of the wind for heating

The option of generating electricity and heating through the deployment of wind turbines used to be in the realms of science-fiction. This is no longer the case, and using a small wind turbine can create a clean and efficient power supply for all kinds of homes. Any home or small business with the grounds to house a small turbine can experience a healthy drop in their utility bills. They can also be safe in the knowledge that they are doing their bit for the environment. For homes that use a large amount of electricity in their heating this could be the most sensible – and environmentally friendly – method of cutting the bills and the damage to the environment.

State of the art Quantum Energy Systems

The revolutionary Quantum Energy Systems have managed to capture the imagination of everyone looking for an environmentally sound and convenient way to heat their homes. Taking up the same amount of space as a conventional free standing heating, the Quantum source operates in a far more efficient way. Perfectly capable of producing warm air at a lower cost, these versatile systems can offer an optimal degree of heating performance. The cost to the environment is also cheaper, with the systems needing to use far less energy than was previously needed by free standing heaters. The main principle is easy to grasp. Simply put, the system channel cool air from outside and filters out hot air to the interior. The heaters are easy to install and can be up and running quickly and conveniently. With fine controls and 7day programming options, the Quantum Energy Systems are a superb way of caring for your home and the environment at the same time.

In recent years there have been great leaps in environmental technology. As the renewable energy trend gathers momentum it is becoming clear that we will soon see a time where the above methods are our main source of energy.