Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home


Selling a house can be almost as terrifying and confusing as purchasing a home. You might considering hiring a real estate agent to help you through this confusing time. However there are many frequently asked questions that you might want to ask before hiring the real estate agent. This article will help to walk you through the top questions that are almost always asked.

For Sale By Owner VS Real Estate Agent

Many sellers want to know if they will be at a disadvantage compared to having a real estate agent if they sell the property themselves. This is not a true statement. Often times the seller will be at the advantage. This is because if you have your home listed anywhere on the Internet it will be found due to the fact that most buyers search the Internet when house shopping.

Sales Prices

A second question that is almost always asked is whether or not a home will sell for more if sold through a real estate agent. This is also not always the case. Your home will sell for the market price. It will not matter what price you have the house selling for or whether the agent has it listed for a price. Purchasers will only pay what the home is currently worth.

Danger Factor

Many real estate agents will try to scare you into hiring them. They will try to tell you that it is dangerous allowing strangers into your home all of the time to tour it. However if you think about it a real estate agent will also bring strangers into your home so this does not make sense to argue this point.

Multiple Listing Service (MSL Listing)

The MLS listing is a way for brokers to compete with each other. This is not something as an independent seller that you would need to have. Of course it is another way to get exposure to your home listing but it is not necessary. There are ways around this.

Real Estate Agents Get The Best Deal

This is also not always the truth. Real estate agents are not trusted by the people. They are believed to be out only to obtain more of a commission and they are unethical. Everything is a competition and real estate agents are at the top of this list.


When you are selling your home it might be beneficial to speak with a real estate agent but you might find that you will be better off selling your home on your own with a for sale by owner sign in the front yard. Real estate agents may be able to get you a little more exposure than what you can get on your own but with the help of the Internet it is possible that you can do just as much on your own. If you are considering selling with a real estate agent you should be sure to ask plenty of questions so you understand exactly what they will help you do.