Puppy Proof Your Home for Your New Arrival

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The main purpose of puppy proofing your home is to make sure you furry friend doesn’t get hurt. The other reason is to help protect your home and belongings from getting chewed up into a soggy mess. Puppies will think nothing of destroying your hoes, cushions, favourite skirt or even biting on your speakers, so it’s a good idea for the dog and the owners to take the following steps to ensure everyone remains safe and happy.

Be Prepared

Before we look at how to puppy proof the area where you puppy will be spending the majority of its time we recommend buying some essential items, which are:

  • Chew toys – you can train your dog not to chew your belongings if you provide them with other things they can chew. You have to be consistent for this to work though. Each time your dog tries to chew something they shouldn’t you replace the item with a chew toy instead.
  • A bed – your dog will want to sleep with you but it really needs a bed and a sleeping area of its own. On the first few nights put a clock under the bed to mimic the puppy’s mother’s heart beat to help it settle.
  • Food and water bowls
  • Collar and lead

Do the Work Before the Puppy Arrives

Don’t wait for something to be destroyed before you start puppy proofing, be proactive and get it done before your new pet arrives.  You need to remove all the potentially harmful items out the space or raise them to a higher level.  Check the plants you have in the room as there are certain ones that are harmful to dogs. If you have any poisonous plants remove them from the rooms your dog will be in completely and consider getting rid of them, a fallen leaf or flower could result in a very sick dog.

The next part of the process is to remove any items you don’t want your dog to destroy. Don’t forget about the books on the lower shelves of your bookshelves, along with your video games, photo frames, DVD’s, the list goes on. Remove all these kinds of items to higher levels and consider leaving the lower shelves and table tops free from any items. Don’t forget about wires and cables, try to hide them or block them with larger pieces of furniture as dogs will chew these wires if given a chance.

Common Items that Need to be Removed from Around the Home

Check each of the rooms for the following items and inform all family members that they now need to be kept out of reach or put away after using:

  • Plastic bags
  • Remote controls
  • Vases
  • Food
  • Storage containers
  • Children’s toys
  • Cleaning products

Check the Rooms

The final step is to get down on the floor to the level of your dog and walk around the room. You could ask the children to do this for you as it will show them how important it is to follow the new rules. Find all the things you can pick up and reach, if you don’t want them chewed and if they pose a danger to your dog remove them.  Once you’re all done head on over to London Premier Puppies and arrange to have your new puppy delivered.

The author is a freelance blogger with experience working with a wide range of animals after spending years working in a rescue centre. He has been writing for the past three years, sharing advice to pet owners on hundreds of websites and blogs. The author has also built up a great following on Twitter.