How to Boost the Value of a Property On a Budget


So you’ve just bought a property and now you want to boost its value. The problem is that funds are now a little bit lower than you had anticipated, so the marble floors, Italian kitchen and jacuzzi spa are going to have to wait. Still, even on a modest budget, it is possible to make improvements that will make the property much more attractive to potential tenants and buyers. Here are some ideas that won’t cost the earth.

Change the kitchen cupboard doors

The kitchen is generally the hub of the house, so if it isn’t up to scratch (or it is too scratched) then you’ve got to do something about it. Ripping out an old kitchen is often a step too far. The existing cupboard carcasses are typically going to be solid enough to work off. So to give the kitchen a new lease of life, all you need to do is decide whether you want to replace the doors or paint them. Using a chalk based paint will give the modern vintage effect that is currently very popular, is cheap, easy and very durable. It also means the finish can be imperfect, as that is part of the look anyway.

Replace the kitchen counter top

If you have counter tops that look like they’ve seen better days, go and buy new ones. You don’t have to buy solid granite to achieve a stylish look. There are plenty of options, one of which may be solid wood. You can buy it cheaply and then varnish or wax the surface. Alternatively, you could get a carpenter to build

Fit a new bathroom

Bathrooms are the second most important room behind the kitchen in terms of adding value. If your bathroom is dated, rip it out and replace it. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the replacement. In fact, most large home and DIY stores will have basic (but perfectly acceptable) bathroom collections. The key with these is to install them well and then finish with stylish tiling and flooring. Again, you don’t have to buy travertine wall and floor tiles to get the look. More ideas at Houzz.

New flooring

Old carpets are an obvious and surefire offput. Pull them up and replace them with a neutral, hard wearing carpet. Fortunately, these ‘plainer’ carpets are also cheaper than those with more ornate designs. Replace the skirting boards too with good quality, higher boards for a more stylish and solid finish.

General redecoration

You’ll be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do. Fill in an cracks, smooth out any rough surfaces and stick to a neutral palette of colours. Paint wooden surfaces in a long lasting matt look eggshell paint for a more solid and classy finish. You can find all the help you’ll need on DIY Network. No excuses!

Tidy up outside

First impressions matter. A lot. So if you have an unruly garden, tidy it up. Pull out the weeds, relay the lawn, trim any overgrown plants and paint fencing and then add a few potted plants to finish it off. Overall you want to give the impression of ease of maintenance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways to improve the value of your home, but you could be looking at spending more money. If that is the case, consider a loan from a company like cbonline – you’ll want to get the one with the lowest interest for the longest time to maximise your monthly return.

What you do with the additional budget is up to you. If the property is in a good area and you want to flip it fast, then look to spend more on the core features (kitchen, bathroom, ensuites) and then look at further works such as converting the loft or removing internal walls to create a larger space.