6 Essentials For Your Patio This Summer


Just because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean you can’t plan, revamp, or create a new patio space. In fact, I’d venture to say it is the perfect time to do any of the three. However, there’s the niggling worry of designing a space that has too much or too little of what each patio really needs to function while making you happy.

Here are six essentials for your patio this summer!

Comfortable Seating

A lot of people make the monumental mistake of picking patio furniture based on looks alone. Sure, you want to get some stylish pieces but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort in the process. What you need is a coupling of the two.

Take this Apex Deep Seating lounge chairfrom Cabana Coast for example. It has a cast aluminum frame that is stylish with its modern straight, clean lines and industrial feel yet it has a bright, colorful cushion that is comfortable and fun. This one piece is a great example to the rule of picking out seating that you and your company will actually enjoy sitting in. Apply the same logic when purchasing all outdoor sofas, loungers, and dining sets.

Table Centerpiece

Every entertaining space needs a focal point—a center where people can revolve around. It’s also a must to have a place where guests (and family!) can put drinks, food, etc. That’s why great patios have a table centerpiece in each design.

Wayfair’sMamagreenBaia Coffee Table is the perfect centerpiece for a fun yet usable patio ensemble. It would make any patio’s center a sturdy, functional point of interest for all attending loved ones.

Unique Accents

Your main furniture has been purchased but don’t stop there. Every design needs a few accent pieces to really hit a great patio design out of the park! Whether it’s Pottery Barn’s Tuscanplanters,Yasminedesigner pillows, or their unique terrariums, pick and use accessories to personalize your outdoor space. Other accents to play around with could include outdoor throws, candles, and rugs.

The WOW Factor

Whether your main goal when creating a patio design is to entertain or just relax, having that WOW factor is something you need to consider. I’m going to absolutely suggest a fire pit as that factor. A party piece everyone can sit around during the night or a wonderful way to relax after a long day at work, a fire pit can help you unwind and stay entertained.

Day & Night Considerations

A great patio design will function just as well during the day as it will night if you plan accordingly. I’m going to have to use Cabana Coast as one more example for patio design. They have a wonderful solution to keeping you cool during the day while giving you light at night. Their patio umbrellas that have lights with the cantilevers check both of these boxes. With its large span of fabric to keep you in the shade during the heat of summer, this umbrella also has lights built in to keep your patio functional at night.

Cover Ups

People often think that because they purchased outdoor furniture that their pieces are 100 percent weather resistant. True, most patio furniture is made to withstand the elements but sometimes even it needs your help. Patio furniture covers can help protect your outdoor furniture and overall patio design against harsher weather conditions. You don’t always have to use it but sometimes it is a must.

Creating or revamping a patio space to call your own can be a fun task. However, make sure to keep these six essential elements of great patio design in mind. You should love your patio, no matter day or night, winter or summer!