Renting A Home? Screen Your Tenants

tenant screeningFinding the right tenant is an adventure in itself. Keeping that tenant can be difficult, as well. Knowing if a tenant will work out in the long run is impossible. The truth is that landlords and property owners really don’t know anything about a tenant when they first get in contact with them. Performing a tenant screening on potential tenants can help out greatly when operating a rental unit.

In the last few years real estate properties have been on the rise. This is true for all properties, from one bedrooms up to homes with five plus bedrooms.  With properties on the rise, rent prices have also increased. Because of this there is an increase in evictions. These evictions are coming from properties all across the board. There are evictions coming from the one bedrooms home all the way up to the larger homes. This is affecting all landlords and property owners.

Fear not landlords and property owners doing a proper tenant screening can prevent you from encountering this. Most tenant screenings will include 3 parts; Tenants eviction history, criminal background and a credit summary. By getting a hold of a tenant’s eviction history you will know if they have been evicted from any of their previous properties. If a tenant has a previous eviction there is a chance history could repeat itself. Knowing a tenants criminal background will show you any trouble with the law that a tenant has been involved in. One of the most important aspects of a tenant screening is the tenants credit summary. This gives you a glimpse into a tenants credit score. A higher credit score can mean that they will be able to pay rent on time. A proper tenant screening can help you to better know who a potential renter is.

Doing a tenant screening is not hard to get done and can alleviate a lot of risk for a landlord. There are websites such as Houserie that can do it for you. With a proper tenant screening you will get the information you need to make a decision on a potential candidate.