Preventing Pets from Chewing Home Electronics

pets chewing electronicsThe latest electronic gadgets bring us much enjoyment and help us with proactivity, but they also tend to create an incredible web of  electronic cords and devices throughout our living spaces. Cables and wires snake from wall sockets, while glowing devices hum gently in the background.

Pets are attracted to these sights and sounds, and their natural curiosity urges them to interact with these items by stepping on and chewing them. You want to figure out a suitable way to protect your electronics from damage while at the same time ensuring no harm comes to your beloved pets. So, even if your pet has a great pet health insurance plan, this is an overview of some of the widely accepted techniques and methods to safely deter pets from your electronics.

Two-Sided Tape

While this form of tape has many practical purposes throughout our everyday life, there’s an additional way to properly utilize its dual sticky surfaces. Simply apply the two-sided tape to any electronic item you want to keep off limits to pets, and let it work its magic. Cats in particular cannot stand the sensation of being stuck to the adhesive surface, and the experience will resonate in their minds, ensuring they won’t attempt to approach that area again.

The tape could potentially damage the surface of devices and cables when it’s removed, so it’s important to put the tape on a sheet of paper and then place the paper over the electronics you want to protect. Make sure the tape is not too strong and that your pet can easily detach from it.

Wire Deterrents

Chewing on wires is a classic–though dangerous–pastime for many pets. It poses threats to both the animal and the devices. It’s very important to discourage pets from biting cords, and there’s several effective ways to go about it. An easy way to help remedy the situation is to simply tape all the cords together, preventing one from hanging down alluringly and piquing your pet’s interest.

For those looking for a more conventional commercial solution, several pet retail products dedicated to wire protection can be found on store shelves. They’re generally flexible cord covers that may be coated with pet deterrents. You can also use split loom tubing to get the job done.

Entertainment as Distraction

Pets generally start exploring and chewing on household objects when they’re bored. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Play with your pets! Grab their toys and keep them occupied so their attention span is on you and not on the thought of chewing those dangling wires. Easily accessible play toys can reduce the allure of your electronics for pets.

In Summary

It’s important to help keep your pets safe around electronics, and there are a few easy tips to make sure your pet doesn’t make your fancy new gadget an afternoon snack. Furthermore, protect your pet from unseen hazards and consider looking into a pet insurance plan, like ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Image Courtesy of Massimo Regonati via flickr