Moving with Kids? Take These Tips

moving with kidsLet’s face it – moving is difficult for all involved parties. It’s a financial and time consuming burden for adults and physically taxing for the movers. Yet the sheer impact of such a life transition is regularly felt most forcefully by children. They’re often comfortable in their current environment, and the prospect of moving somewhere new is an utterly terrifying one at best. These are some tips to help improve your kids’ outlook on the moving process and get them excited about this new chapter in their lives.

Hold a Family Meeting

Don’t call this meeting until the official decision to move has been made, since otherwise it’ll just wreak havoc with your kid’s emotions. Sit them down in the living room or dining table and gently explain the situation. Choose your words carefully and layer the news with plenty of warm reassurance. Be as open to them as possible and be ready to answer questions.

Incorporate Them into the Decision-Making Process

The prospect of starting a new life elsewhere is daunting, and can be relatively soothed by allowing your children’s’ opinions to be heard. If you have yet to decide on a new apartment/ house, bring them along on your tours so they can get a feel for the prospective new living space and the surrounding area. Incorporating their input promotes inclusion and can help build excitement for the move. Plus, there’s something undeniably alluring about the whole thing.

Let Them Choose Their Rooms

This is obviously contingent upon the exact size of your new residency, but few things are more exhilarating than letting children determine which room they’ll call their own. It’s fun for them and ensures they’ll be satisfied with it due to the fact they personally selected it. They can also begin pondering furniture placement and space allotment (if they’re old enough to entertain those thoughts of course).

Encourage Honest Lines of Communication

Moving can be achingly difficult, and it’s essential you establish open dialogue with your kids regarding the transition. Don’t be afraid to discuss the topic genuinely and earnestly to quell negativity and foster optimism.

The moving process is difficult for everyone, and children are no exception. Use the aforementioned tips to help facilitate a more seamless transition into your new home, community, and life. Furthermore, if budget permits, hire a moving company like You Move Me, they offer national services but are a great option for Boston moves or San Francisco moves.

Image courtesy of William Nordmann via Flickr Creative Commons