Rug & Carpet Cleaning Scams: What to Know

carpet cleaning scamScams are prevalent in virtually every major industry. While their execution and implementation differs, they all share one common trait: they ultimately victimize the consumer and steal their money. The carpet business is no exception to this rule, as a scam cottage industry has sprung up around discounted carpet cleaning services ridding people of their money via hidden fees and extraneous charges. Taking advantage of the poor economy and consumers’ relentless pursuit to save money, certain companies entice customers with dirt cheap rates in order to get their business, and then in turn jack up the prices. This is a brief overview geared toward informing rug/ carpet owners the nature of a scam and how to avoid them.

How Carpet Cleaning Scams Work

For the sake of this hypothetical situational example, let’s just say your eco-friendly rugs or shag rugs badly need to be cleaned. Deciding they deserve professional treatment, you recruit the services of a local carpet cleaning company. Thanks to some handy coupons you recently received in the mail, this company is only charging you $4 per room, an absolute bargain.

They arrive at the scheduled time and begin cleaning your home’s many rugs. Yet throughout the cleaning process, they repeatedly inform you they’re tacking on various auxiliary fees. They’ll bring up additional charges for deep cleaning, room preparation, and potential obstacle obstruction. When you express confusion regarding these new costs, they’ll often become irritated or rude. By the time they leave, your rugs have received shoddy cleaning treatments and your wallet has been raided by those hidden fees. That, in essence, is what constitutes the typical carpet cleaning scam.

How to Recognize and Avoid a Scam

To avoid being victimized by one of those scams, it’s essential you conduct your own thorough research on each company before deciding to seek out their services. Firstly, assess their rates and pricing structure. If they’re charging $3-$5 per room, you should instantly be on alert. A true quality cleaning service cannot survive and function on rates that low, and it’s a surefire indicator they’ll inevitably attempt to bombard you with hidden fees. Additionally, review their industry certifications to ensure their credibility, disqualifying services that lack the proper seals of approval. Finally, evaluate online user reviews and testimonials for a third-party perspective on their operation/ services. If you find the prospective cleaning company boasts unbelievably low rates, lack of industry recognition, or dismal consumer reviews, there’s a high likelihood they’re running a scam.


Due to the fact money doesn’t grow on trees and our nation is still recovering from a recession, people are constantly trying to save money. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal in these economic times, but it’s important to remember that sometimes you shouldn’t compromise on costs if you want quality. Properly research and review each carpet cleaning company prior to purchasing their services, or you might potentially be victimized by a scam. Your eco-friendly rugs or shag rugs deserve a high-quality cleaning; just be wary of the disingenuous people and hidden fees that might walk through your door.